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"Thank you for making me more productive each day. I am truly inspired by Professor Gershberg after listening to a lecture on campus. Even though I was in a large audience, I felt that Professor Gershberg was speaking personally to me with so many specific examples of what I find myself navigating as a college student. By using Professor Gershberg's suggestions, my day to day life feels much more manageable - I feel less stressed and more empowered."

-L.R., Boston

L.C., New York

"I have seen Jennifer captivate a crowd when speaking about college preparation.  Her combination of didactic information plus experiential activities ensures that her audience walks away with actionable take-aways.  Her philosophy is one that I have incorporated into my own professional life for the past 15 years."

S.P., Washington, DC

"There are some speakers who have an "IT" factor -- a charisma that allows them not only to connect with their audience but also to get the best out of them.  Jennifer Gershberg is one of those people.  Her energetic and captivating teaching and speaking style sucks people in.  When she is speaking, her audience is fully engaged.  She does an incredible job getting through to students and teaching them how to be successful.  Jennifer helps guide students to be their best selves and to grow into successful adults.  I couldn't recommend her more highly."

Delta Delta Delta,

Alpha Pi Chapter

"Professor Gershberg provided our chapter with a fantastic resume workshop!  Our members found her incredibly engaging, and her intelligence was very evident.  She provided us with an example resume along with many helpful tips, and she also took her time answering all our questions.  One of the most beneficial things she taught us was how to tailor our resumes to the job or program we are applying to.  Her talk was invaluable to us as we continue to apply to jobs, internships, and graduate school programs!"
I never realized how simple and natural networking is until you broke it down in your talk.  You have changed my entire perspective on networking and made me much more comfortable doing it!

Audience member

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