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Jennifer Gershberg is a professor-turned-campus speaker and educational content creator. Through her campus talks and online courses, she helps prospective and current college students build confidence and competence by teaching them the skills and perspectives they need for academic and professional success. While on the faculty at the University of Maryland, Jennifer won numerous teaching awards, including the highly coveted Allen J. Krowe Award for Teaching Excellence. She has been a featured guest on multiple podcasts, including Real Housewives of New Jersey Margaret Josephs' "Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget." Jennifer attended Cornell University and the George Washington University Law School.

Jennifer's speaking career is a product of her deep concern for student wellbeing. As a professor, she observed a significant decline in student competencies and mental health following the pandemic and felt compelled to broaden her impact. Jennifer is known for her natural ease and connection with students, relatability, genuine investment in student success, and being "nurturing but tough -- exactly what students need."

"There are some speakers who have an IT factor - a charisma that allows them not only to connect with their audience but also to get the best out of them. Jennifer Gershberg is one of those people. Her energetic and captivating teaching and speaking style sucks people in. When she is speaking, her audience is fully engaged. She does an incredible job getting through to students and teaching them how to be successful. Jennifer helps guide students to be their best selves and to grow into successful adults. I couldn't recommend her more highly."

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